Thursday, January 14, 2016

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How to solve play store sign in problem and play store connection.

Lot of people are facing this problem
Most of them get  frustrated and reset their device to solve it.

Their are lots option to solve it.Resetting is one of then.But this isn't good option because if there is problem in "Host" file which is in system partition.Resetting become worthless.

In this tutorial few I am going to tell you best option.

                Option 1.
Clear data of play store force close it.
Make sure you have disable background data restrictions and relaunch the play store.

             Option 2.

Remove your Google account and relogin your account.

           Option 3.( for rooted user)

Use any root supported file explorer I recommend you to use Es file explorer.
Grant it root permission.
Mount system partition.
Goto system>etc> if you didn't found folder simple search Hosts.
Open it using any text editor
Clear all text inside it and copy localhost on it and save the hosts file reboot your device.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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How to hack WiFi password using androidumper in android phone.

In this post Iam going to show you how to hack WiFi password using App called androdumper.Before lunching app make sure your android is properly rooted and busybox must be installed.

1.Open androdumper app
2.Click in scan or device will automatically scan network. in any WPS enabled network
 4.You were asked root or non root method.
 5.If your android version is above 5.0 you can use non-root method if you aren't then use root method.Different between root method and non root method is in root method password is viewed after hack complete.


 For better understanding watch this video foe more please visit  >>>tricks expport