Thursday, September 8, 2016

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5 Ways to strong the security of your wireless network

More covienent you feel less secure you are.Alots of security problem arises in wireless network sometime password is stolen sometime WPS pin

5 way strong  your wireless network is given below

1.Change WPS pin (Disable WPS  pin if possible)

WPS stand for wireless protected setup.This feature is avaliable almost all new router.This feature connect client device easily using pin but as already i said more convient you feel less secure you are.Developer has figure out kicking your convienent and some penetrating tool like Dumper for pc and Androdumper,WPS tester are avaliable which check the vunerablty of router lots of people don't know about this and  
and  even noob are cracking password.These penetrating testing tool don't generate pin they already has default pin of different router in their database.So while setuping router change your default pin or disable WPS if possible.

2.Replace your old router 
If you are still using old router its time to change.Your old router may have security issue cause its old technology or older firmware which may has loophole through which computet nerd can get in.

3.Use WpA2  type security.

4.Use MAC(Media access code)
feature which is available in almost every router.Add MAC address of your client device in White list and only those device which are added in Whitelist can access your wireless device.This is most secure method cause despite of knowing your password they can't able to connect in wireless  because only whitelist added device are allowed to access the wireless device.

5.check router log regularly simply loging router control pannel.Every activity perform through  you wirless device is shown here.


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